Better safe than sorry

Customers have their rights – ‘dispute’ with broadband & phone line provider

Very often bank holiday weekends are an opportunity for us to catch up with our paperwork, sort out our mail, contact our family and friends. All this is possible if our phone line or broadband connection don’t get cut off unexpectedly. This is what happened to us at the beginning of a long weekend in August last year. Continue reading “Better safe than sorry”


The names in this story have not been changed. All this really happened.

It was a cold November afternoon. It was getting dark. Daniel Cegielka, his wife and their four-month old baby were on their way home from the town centre. Daniel and Magdalena came from Poland and had been living in their rented house in Southampton for 2 years. They were good neighbours and good tenants, paying their rent regularly, in cash at the landlord’s insistence. The Cegielka’s family was really happy in Southampton. Daniel worked hard and when little Hubert was born, the young parents created a safe and cosy home for their baby. The future looked bright until 14th November 2008 when, after returning home, they found that the lock in the door had been changed. Continue reading “Daniel”

How to be a millionaire

If this is true that  – as people say – ‘time is money’  then Stefan, a Polish migrant worker is a millionaire. He’s got plenty of time. Absolutely nothing to do. That’s it. He broke his leg and now –   his leg in plaster – he is  house-bound, bed-ridden, jobless, motionless. And quite hopeless as well. No sick pay. No access to NHS. Though he has been in Southampton for nearly 2 years, he formally does not exist. Continue reading “How to be a millionaire”