It would be a shame

The Polish community tries to reduce disorderly behaviour and crime among some of our countrymen. it would be a shame:

  • to destroy something that we, poles, have been waiting so long for – the right to work in this country legally and with dignity
  • to tarnish the good reputation we enjoy here,
  • to let down people who trust and respect us.

Help is available for people with alcohol and drug related problems.

Every situation has a way out.

Dear All

I have to say that writing this letter is the hardest thing for me to do but I believe this is my duty. I need to ask you for help – please could you kindly warn anyone who you think should know that there is a Polish man in Southampton who goes to churches of all denominations pretending that he has just found Jesus, then telling a congregation moving and tragic stories: his family in Poland – his baby dying of cancer, his house burned leaving 7 children homeless and penniless, him having a car accident and not being able to provide for his disabled son, his wife being kidnapped by gangsters or died in a plan crash (we believe that she has recently joined him and they “work” together). He uses these stories to gain and amplify a congregation’s sympathy and empathy leading to a generous collection of money/clothes/food etc. He is
a dishonest man, an imposter and the shame of the Southampton Polish community. He is abusing the hospitality of this city, using the name of Jesus to deceive kind people of good will, making many decent Polish residents of Southampton feel mortified and ashamed. We all beg your forgiveness.

God bless you

Barbara Storey