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Our Settled Status briefings contain all the latest information about how apply for settled status, and what will happen when the UK leaves the European Union.


At the time of writing (March 2019), we still know very little about the details of Brexit. When and how will the UK leave the European Union? Will it leave at all? Will there be a second referendum?

Fortunately, there is one concrete piece of information in this chaos – citizens from EU countries can register for settled status, meaning they will no longer be considered migrants. For many people, obtaining settled status will be an administrative formality. They feel they have been settled in the UK for years. They live, work, and raise children here. Settled status will only formalise their previous decision. Others will need to decide whether to settle in the UK or return to their country of origin. The time period for making their decision will be quite long – from the end of March 2019 to the end of June 2021. However, bear in mind that failure to register on time may result in a person’s stay in the United Kingdom being considered unlawful once the registration period ends.

Application for obtaining settled status is available in 23 EU languages ​​(including Polish). Filling the application in electronic format (on a computer, telephone or tablet) takes about 20 minutes. In exceptional situations you can also fill in the application in paper version, however this method is discouraged.

In the application you need to confirm your identity, how long you have been in the UK and that you do not have a criminal record.

On the basis of the information provided, the system will immediately carry out the initial assessment of the application and indicate if the applicant has the right to apply for either settled status (if they have over five years’ residence in the UK) or temporary settled status (if they have fewer than five years’ residence).

The formal decision should be made within two weeks. Submitting the application is free of charge. The UK Government planned to charge application fee – this has been abolished. A separate, individual application must be completed for each person in a family. People who have previously obtained a permanent residence card will also have to complete the application process.

Settled status the door to obtaining British citizenship, which will require an additional, sixth year of permanent residence in Great Britain.

The UK government has made provisions for people who may have problems completing the online application, including a special hotline and – in partnership with local authorities and charity sector organisations – a network of applicants’ service centers. We are pleased to inform you, that thanks to support from Southampton City Council, SOS Polonia will provide support with settled status applications – free of charge.

We look forward to assisting you