Tuesday coffee mornings

Since May 2017, we at SOS Polonia have held regular coffee mornings on Tuesdays. The host of our coffee mornings is Barbara Storey, founder of SOS Polonia.

During the coffee mornings we talk about life: things that bug us, things that fascinate us, things that touch our hearts. We share beautiful stories of brave women, stories of the streets we miss and the picturesque places we dream about, artistic and culinary inspirations, and even bold business ideas. In addition, coffee meetings have become a great opportunity to make new contacts, so that we can tackle some important issues. So far we have welcomed more that 30 different people to our table.

We invite our guests to help us to come up with topics for the Tuesday coffee mornings. Maybe you would like to meet an interesting person? Or maybe there are places that you think are worth seeing and sharing? Your suggestions will be appreciated.

Every Tuesday, at 11.30 sharp, we put the kettle on and wait for our dear guests.

Come and join us! You’d be very welcome!