Football club

Three Polish Children’s football teams set up to help children from the Polish migrant families to settle into their new schools, make friends and overcome the sudden loss of the familiar world they left behind in their home country. 

It worked!!! Football proved to be a great catalyst in the process of integration of our little migrants into a local community. At the beginning of June 2010 a new football club was born in Southampton as a result or merging – Townhill Emperors and Lingland Juniors. Townhill Lingland FC, an ultimate evidence of the little migrants’ successful integration into the local community.  The unanimously elected chair of the club is Polish. Colours of the a-way kit are going to be white & red which are the Polish national colours. All the children are happy. English parents see the merging as a great opportunity. Migrant parents still can’t recover from this  pleasant surprise.  So should they stop worrying about  Britain being full when, thank God, some people find that having them here is not too bad?  We wish Townhill Lingland FC a very successful season!

Click here to visit the Townhill Lingland FC website.

Supported by Southampton City Council